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Improved Send to Cinema 4D


I would like to have an improved more organised "Send to Cinema 4D" command similar to the "Cinema4D Export" command. Please see attached pics.

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I second it. I'd also like to ask that there be a way to get stuff back from Cinema into VW. Once you really start rendering in C4d it's hard to go back to VW for rendering. And once you start modelling in c4d it's hard to go back to VW for that too.

I'd like to start the model in VW because of it's precision and layout capability. Take it into c4d and do the presentation model, adding details. Then I'd like to be able to take it back into VW because of it's drafting and record keeping capability.

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Me too. Anything that makes the workflow between Cinema 4D and Vectorworks smoother/better/more efficient will benefit both products. But we need it to be a two-way street. There are great advantages to bringing a VW project into C4D. But there are also things that VW brings to the C4D world that are sorely missing.


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Adding this to the existing thread, Engineering is giving heavy attention to our C4D components currently.

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I've just upgraded to R17 and I've been looking at the new Take system in c4d. This is going to be extremely helpful to me.

When improving the send to c4d command, please keep in mind and respect how the Take system works. Please don't destroy the various alternatives possible with the Take system including multiple material and visibility options to objects.


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I hadn't seen the Take system yet, but I will pass this along to the rendering team.

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Take system is a bit like a non linear animation.

You can have different states beside each other.

For Example you set a Day scene Take and another for the Night scene.

Take Day will have daylight system set to 10:30 a.m., artificial lights off.

If you switch to Take Night you will activate artificial lights and set daylight

to 22:15 p.m.

So you have 2 Takes to switch between. These can include hierarchies so

you can parent Takes for different cameras under each "main" Take.

So you can set these cameras to have different exposures under day or night


Everything you can animate, you can control by Takes.

So your car paint may be blue or red, depending on Take.

And you can batch render your takes.

This is very useful to switch between different versions of your design and geometry.

So a bit like VW Saved Views to control visibilities, but it just works for every setting

and you do not necessary need element duplicates to switch between states.

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It seems to work similarly to saved views, but I just couldn't speak officially to how it would be affected by our changes.

I would expect that if the Take system works fine with other applications pushing geometry changes into an existing C4D scene then it likely will with us doing it, since we are aligning our system with the general standards that seem to work best according to both user feedback as well as MAXON's suggestions.

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Can't imagine how VW could do any good things to take system.

It is more how it could prevent bad things happening.

I assume elements in C4D will be saved by some strange numbers internally,

not user given names. So what will happen if you delete one Extrude in a

VW Class and replace it by a new one and do a refresh.

Can there be kept the settings done in Take Manager for the previous one ?

There is some sort of change documentation to keep C4D settings when

refreshing with new geometry, which does not always work though.

Like when you rearrange Layers in C4D to match your alphabetically Class

order, these will be marked as edited and pity, there names won't get updated

again if you do changes to Class Names in VW.

That may just be a missing feature in C4D Exchange that could be solved.

But I can't get rid of the thought that the Exchange is limited and will sooner

or later get at its end. Sychronization gets contardictory at one point.

It is the typical synchronization problem when both sides where changed,

what should be done. Exchange System had to ask the user.

It is very likely that I would edit every Materials after Import in C4D.

(for new Reflectance Channel access or similar)

And it may be very likely that I change a Material Assignment to a whole Class

in VW later. What should VW do now ?

Would it be useful in practice if it would ask me each time ?

What would be my answer ?

Erhhmm, ok, purge that previous Wood Material that I updated in C4D, because

I want to be Plastic now, but do not import the VW Plastic now but use the updated

Plastic already existing in C4D.

Synchronization gets very complex at one point and I doubt it will work in all cases.

So I think for a useful Exchange it is most important to keep complexity low instead

of keeping attention on every possible case.

If Exchange will one day be able to limit itself to export those Materials/Colors/Image

Textures only that exist in VW and not changing its names in any way, that would

help a lot.

To keep Symbols in C4D in a separate invisible group for edibility while having

instances only in geometry, like done in VW, would be great.

And from C4D side, if there could be the ability to assign Materials to whole Layers

like Material per Classes in VW, that also would make things much easier.

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