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Window: aluminium sills



We need aluminium sills to be added to window tool.

P.S. the sills might just be the final thing that needs a lot of work in window tool. They take an inordinate amount of time manipulate because of the various assumptions about where things are offset from. For instance I don't care about the depth from centre of window to edge of sill. All I care about is that the edge of sill projects 30 mm past the face of the wall.

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Christiaan, you might also find this post I just made interesting:

This is an update on an earlier post. In exploring the window tool further in VW 2012, we have discovered that the tool can now utilize the trim for the interior and/or the exterior and still maintain the proper view in top plan (ie the wall cut is correct and the poche is shown behind the trim now). Yeah! Our work around was making every window a symbol with trim and sills in the 3D portion, which we will probably still stick with because even thought the trim on windows works properly the head and sides have to be the same size (a wish list item).

However, (I hope that I am wrong and someone can correct me), when adding a sill through the plugin objects settings it puts it on the inside not the outside of the window. We think this because of the sashes shown on a double hung (interior sash is at bottom when closed) and because if you only add interior trim it appears on the same side as the sill. We tried negative numbers, to force the sill to the exterior, but is really doesn't behave properly. Does anyone else have experience with creating windows, and for large jobs how do you work around these issues?



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