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Problem with Arc Tool??

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I just ran across a problem today using the 'Arc by 3 Points' tool. I am working in 1/2":1'0" scale and I am trying to draw an arc with an approximate radius of 48' +/-, connecting three points as I have done a million times before.I click on the first point, go to the second, click and go to the third. While I am trveling to the third point the arc disappears. When I click on the end point the arc is nowhere to be found.I have the same arc on a drawing I did yesterday so I tried to copy and paste it. I opened up a new sheet and tried to paste the copy and it does not show up at all.When I 'Select All' I get 4 points that show up but no arc.I trashed the Pref file this afternoon and retried and still no go.

Can someone help me out????

Tom Marino

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If you select that arc so that you see the 4 handles, does it show the fill color and pen style to be white or none?

Is it in a class that might have those settings by any chance ?

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Katie,When selected the arc attributes appear as they should. I am setting it for no fill. I tried redoing it on a clean sheet, single layer, no other items to confuse the issue and it still does it. I can duplicate it , no problem.It's the only item that does not copy. I tried just doing the arc by itself to make sure it was not another item on the drawing causing the problem. When I go to paste it on the blank nothing shows up. When I go to 'Select All' the 4 handles appear and nothing else. I cannot use the handles to manipulate the arc so it is just there.Should I try reinstalling from the CD??Thanks for the reply,


Tom Marino in PA

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The fill is set to none, but what is the pen line set to? Is it also set to none?

Is it in a class that has attributes used at creation that might give it a none fill/ none pen line ?

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