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Jonathan Pickup

Vectorworks Tips and Tricks - Newsletter from Jonathan Pickup

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Creating and Managing Your Vectorworks Library

This month I have been running Beyond Beginner sessions on creating

and managing your Vectorworks libraries. This is a topic that users

often struggle with. After all, there is not one single library,

there is a whole folder of libraries for you to manage.

Your office library is not just a few symbols saved in a library.

There are several parts to your library and these parts work together

to create your office drawing system:

Symbol library (which you can store anywhere)

Symbol libraries for

tools (stored in the Defaults folder)

Layer and class standards

(stored in the Standards folder)

Hatch library (stored in the Defaults


Gradient Library (stored in the Defaults folder)

Wall Style

library (stored in the Defaults folder)

The Notes database (which you

can store anywhere)

A default template with all the default tool

preferences set (stored in the Templates folder)

and others...

Your Vectorworks Drawing System is probably a better way to describe this, because this is a lot more than just a library it affects everything you draw. Investing time in developing your vectorworks drawing system pays benefits with everything you do. If you really want to use vectorworks productively, work on developing your drawing system.


Area Lights

before vectorworks 2011, will use to use area lights to mimic the light coming through a window. the vectorworks 2011 and beyond we don't need to do this any more. Using environmental lighting and indirect lighting gives much better results.

Read more... - http://www.archoncad.co.nz/blog.php?id=6079254461504727337


Adding Hedges With Vectorworks

I like being able to add extra tools to my vectorworks. I found this tool recently, it creates really quick hedges. It uses textures on the hedge, so you can change the appearance of them.

Read more... - http://www.archoncad.co.nz/blog.php?id=4889408967614875773


Vector-workout Subscription

Sessions coming up in the next couple months:

November: BIM in Action

This should be a fun session where we look at BIM (Building Information Modeling). Many people talk about BIM, and the impression is that it will magically solve problems. This session will look at what is BIM and how can Vectorworks use it. As an example, we will build a simple house in 3D and create viewports of all the walls and roof components.

The Beyond Beginner Sessions will be looking at IFC, what is it, and

how can you use it?

December : Wrap up for the Year

As normal in December, we will be looking back on the topics we have

covered this year, and focusing on the most important topics.

The online booking page is now live. So, if you are a subscriber,

book now. - http://www.archoncad.co.nz/cadsupport/workshop.html

If you want to be a subscriber, join here... - http://www.archoncad.co.nz/subscription.html


Quickstart to Vectorworks 2012

I have updated my QuickStart manual for Vectorworks 2012 on the Kindle bookstore - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005TUDOYU .


Site Model Tutorial for Vectorworks 2012

I have updated my site modeling manual on the Kindle store - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005TPQ4AG for Vectorworks 2012. This manual covers how to create a site model from imported 2-D information, imported 3-D information, and scanned or PDF images.

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