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Class Opacity in Viewport

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I'm likely missing a setting or something. It seems to me that I've always been able to override Class opacity in a viewport. I do have Quartz turned on - I've set the Opacity way down to 10% & I still cannot see through the 10% Opacity surface. So do I need to send away box tops to get a pair of X-Ray specks?

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I believe it's because of the default attributes.

A typical VW template file has default attributes of:

White Solid fill, Black Continuous 0.05 lineweight and 100% opacity.

You can change this for a current file with nothing selected by, for example, selecting Use Class Opacity and then Set Default Attributes. To change it for a template file make the changes and resave the template.

I believe the texture doesn't respond to the invocation because it isn't considered an attribute.

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