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VW 2012 CPU 'greedy' ?!

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Anyone else experiencing 2012 to be very CPU 'greedy' almost any texture- or 3D-related action I do is getting VWs to use 95% plus CPU for a couple of minutes each time........very time consuming (and frustrating).

Ie. working in 3D views e.g., changing textures, adding removing objects etc. even in Top/Plan view with the Wall component details visible takes a lot of time.......and CPU.

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Are you sure that it is VW's inner workings and not something like a license check that is not connecting? Do you have something like little snitch or a firewall that is blocking connections. Maybe also try upgrading to 10.7.2 and see if this fixes the issue. I have not yet noticed any processor implications with VW 2012 Designer SP1 on 10.7.2

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Oh i'm sure it's VWs, i think it is texture related........apparently textures and geometry are run by VWs which doesn't utilize multi cores thus taking quite some time, once this is done the C4D engine takes over and the remaining render process is done fairly rapidly....i'm running all of the latest software....just haven't updated my signature yet.

I remember the exact same thing happening when 2011 was released.......sluggishness and random crashes when working with textures and rendering.

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