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pdf Print vs. pdf Export

Horst M.



today i made an interesting revelation related to pdf export or Printing.

I wanted to mark some things in 2 Fotos.

I thought the easiest for me to do that is VW!

I imported the 2 Fotos (700kB each) scaled them to fit the Page,

drew a couple of Lines with Arrow typed some Texts, and

Printed the result as pdf with OS X with 72 dpi.

The Surprise: the resulting file had 42MB! ) Not so easy to Mail....

I tried to make a Sheet Layer with 72dpi but got exactly the same result while printing as pdf with OS X. 42MB

The FileSize didn't change no matter what dpi Resolution I choose....

Then I tried pdf Export and got releiving 1.7MB.

Horst M.

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could be,

the jpegs have something like 4000by1500 Pixels, but just 700kB each

so you expect pdf Print to "print" every Pixel of the ImageFiles?

Sonds Like an explanation.

The image width is 4000 for 17cm / 7" so the OSX pdf Printer prints

the images to the pdf File with 570 dpi no matter what dpi Resolution is set for the sheet layer.... ?

I'm glad pdf Export is smarter.

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