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"failure on attempt to read file"

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OMG hours of work and now the file will not open! not even the back up copy

error message says

failure on attempt to read file. unexpected end of file encountered...click ok

then it says it could be made by an older version ( I only have one!)

then it crashes vectorworks.


Mac OS x 10.6.8

VW 12.5

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Did you try restarting Vectorworks and your Mac? Did you try fixing permissions? (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility.app). I'm no expert, but maybe click on "Verify Disk," also in Disk Utility, if the other things don't help... Also, how long have you been running 12.5 on OS 10.6.8?... I don't think they're necessarily meant to work together...

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I have been running 12.5 on here a long time and all other files are working FINE! Ugh this is an 11th hour kind of hell with lots of time in, client leaving, engineer ready to go out of the country and I could not write a worse script.

EVEN the back up files say the same thing ...

I shot some pdf's but they need fixing... worse to worse I can drag them in and doctor in a new dwg...I will try what you said but honestly I am not the deer in the head lights type but I am in shock and feeling numb

thanks m

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VW12.5.3 is running just fine on my iMac with OS10.6.8.


A newer version of VW will probably not open the file if the version the file was created with won't.

Some suggestions/questions:

Do you have other VW files on your Mac, and do they open without problems?

How was the backup copy created?

Is your version of VW 12.5.3? This was the last version of VW12.5, and you can upgrade to this on the VW site for free.

Do you use Diskwarrior?

Further to Will's suggestions: empty the Trash, turn your Mac off, wait a minute or two and turn it on.

Then run Repair Disk permissions, and Verify Disk.

Next, open VW in a new file (HD>Applications>Vectorworks) - does it do that?

If it does, close that file without saving then try to open the file you are having trouble with - post back and let us know if it worked or not.

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All my other file open and VW opens just fine. It just crashes after trying to open any of these. All files of this are doing that. I am doing what you say and trying to calm myself into the pdf hell of reworking little notes in there. (not a great remedy but will keep me out of the poor house hopefully). Thanks for being there guys. I will report back after this step is done.

I just cam back form my engineers office where I had saved the file and may not have shut down my mac all the way.

(if that adds any info the debacle) Should I send the file to someone with a newer version? to try to see if they can open as the error message says it may be an older version which is weird.

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According to an Internet search (whatever that's worth) an "unexpected end of file encountered" happens when a file is closed before it has finished saving (which I guess happens more often when networks are involved). I'm not sure what the solution is; maybe try a search for your file name and see if exists somewhere else on you hard drive? Do you have an earlier version of the file?...

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