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Workgroup Issue

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I am a lighting designer and working on a University network with other set designers

I will workgroup in their set file and work on just the lighting portion of it, in my file.

My issue with this is that when adding a new workgroup or updating an existing workgroup, the set designer has to close his/her file so that I can add new, or update.

Given that I cannot change his file, why isn't it just coming in as a "read only" file, thus allowing me to add new or update while his/her file is open?

Workgroups are pretty much the same as Autocad X-refs and in Autocad, it is possible to add xrefs while others are in the file.

This problem is particularly distrurbing when I am on one part of campus and the set designer is on another and I cannot get a hold of him/her to close their file while I add new, or update.

Let me know if there is a way around this.Thanks,Catherine

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Well, I don't know if this is what you are asking, but if I have 2 files, open, one referenced to the other, I can still update the referenced one. I just tried with 2 test files: one on my machine, the other on the server. Edited one, saved,kept open, refreshed the other. Unless it doesn't work if the 2 files are opened by 2 different machines.

Windows network.

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I am having this issue also

I believe that Matthew is right.

You can update a workgroup that is currently open in another file, but only on the same machine

It seems that if 1 machine has as source file open and another machine attempts to update that file in workgroups that an error appears:"The file "___" could not be opened for reading, probably because another user has it open for editing. Please try again later."

Not being able to actively update over a network pretty much defeats the purpose of workgroups

Is there any fix for this?

Thank you,


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