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2012 interior elevation marker plug-in?


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I hope I'm just missing something, but it appears that even in Vectorworks 2012 there is still no plug-in for interior elevation markers. Am I missing something? In previous versions I had found a 3rd party plug-in that I used, but when I open those drawings in 2012 the plug-in disappears so I can't copy it into the new document. Anybody have one that will work? Thanks.

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Thank you. I've found this one before, but forgot how to make it work in 2012 until now. Copy into AppData-Roaming-etc....

The graphics are different than what we've used for years, but it will do for now. I still would love Vectorowrks to include on just like the Section/Detail/Elevation marker they already have....

Thanks for the response/reminder though. I am able to use this one for now.

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You can draw a section line (in elevation mode) to mark and automatically create interior elevation viewports.

That sounds enticing but is it true? I mean, say I had a space with four walls around it...could I just throw a four-way elevation marker on like below and get 4 viewports of the internal elevations of that room?


The help files are not really helpful...is there a way to use the create section viewport command to do this?

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