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Extude along path, multi-leg

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I am trying to create a multi-leg extrusion, a pipe running around a basement, and keep getting the path itself extruding as a plane, sometimes with the shape following the first leg of the path. I follow the order and directions in the help manual, to no avail, and the other videos I have found are more more "how wonderful this tool is" than instructional. Am I missing something? I have used it before for simple single items jsut fine. Thanks!


Don @ Black Dog Architects Co.

Windows 7, i5, VW2012 sp1

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Thanks, Pete. I had a great exchange with Mike Oz, and it came down to that the Path has to be a single object. So, I drew it in the layout I wanted, went to Modify/Compose, which created a single object (Mikes idea).

I then turned OFF any Fill Attribute (if that class had it on), selected the Path and the Object, did Model/Extrude Along Path, hit "Next" for the path if it was not already highlighted (will show as a much heavier highlight than normal) and hit OK. Voila! A great feeling when something works.

I think the Help section is missing something when it does not clarify that the path has to be a single object, since the description implies it can be a plurality of objects.

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