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space tool question

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That was helpful, and although a bit convoluted, it is still manageable if you only deal with it once. Just another question: can you tweak the decimal places in the area field? example: my units are metros with 3 decimals on the normal dimensions, but on the space tool I'd like to have just one decimal after the point in the area calculation, can it be altered?


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... But if you edit the 'Space' settings, and click 'OK'... it goes back to 3 decimal places...

I prefer to work accurately one time, as it does my head in to have measurements off by 'crazy' decimal places when it shouldn't be. I too keep 3 decimal places for length, but (try to) be as accurate as possible. Area doesn't necessarily need to be THAT accurate, and therefore I minimize my decimal places if I have them at all.

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