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Solidworks to Vectorworks - Parasolid problems

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I'm having problems with products designed and modelled in Solidworks, then exported as parasolids for importing into Vectorworks. Essentially, they are taking ages to render or crash when rendering.

Is there a way to optimise the parasolids on either export or import? Or after import before rendering? Or is there a better workflow/export option for Solidworks to Vectorworks?

(I'm just the Vectorworks user, and the products I'm importing have been modelled by someone else so I can't explore the Solidworks options).


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Hallo Tom,

Check what kind of objects are imported into VW to form the geometry of the Elements. (3d Polygons or Nurbs Surfaces or extrudes ...)

I had some imports from Symbols supplied by a Manufacturer, that were originally created with Solidworks.

They imported into VW as Symbols with hundreds of NURBS Surfaces inside.

These Symbols slowed VW substantially down. Specially during Renders

I edited the Symbols, selected all Nurbs Surfaces and executed the "Stitch Trim Surface" Command. with Luck! Solidworks seems to export perfect fitting geometry!

All those Nurbs Surfaces were converted to a few Solids.

Renderings were very fast after that and the slow down was completely gone.

If you like Post an Element for further Exploration

Regards Horst M.

Edited by Horst M.
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Solidworks does indeed export perfectly stitched solids and i have had great success with the above method.....the same cannot be said for VW.

Why is VW so 'idiosyncratic!' compared to other CAD software. Even the price comparable end of the market is better at this.

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