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Georeferencing in VW2012

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This seems like a really useful tool potentially but I haven't quite figured out how to use it to best effect - please can someone give me guidance?


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Hi Tim

Thanks for coming along to our launch last week. I am sorry I had no time to chat!

Regarding GIS, well - I am not sure exactly how useful it will be for you if you are not using Shapefiles. Essentially, there is a form of data you can purchase from general mapping info sources called an ESRI Shapefile. This consists of shapes (usually 2D polygons), with data attached to them. These files are georeferenced. The origin of the file represents a point on the surface of the earth. In previous versions of Vectorworks, you could import Shapefiles, but the georeferenced information was lost - so if you exported back to Shapefile, the recipient of your drawing would have to manually align your drawing with his. Now, the GIS information is retained.

You can also export image files from Vectorworks which are georeferenced. Again, we've been able to import them, but not able to export an image that includes georeferenced data.

The other part of the story is the projection method. At the moment, you draw on an X and Y grid, which is parallel - it forms a grid of squares. However, the surface of the earth is not flat. A projection method will adjust the geometry in your file to better represent it as if it is on the surface of the earth but has been laid out flat. Again, for the domestic space in the UK, this is probably not something that's high on your wish list, but if you were working on a larger project, with a larger practice, they may require you to work with georeferenced files.

Hope that helps.

Please feel free to give us a call at the office if you have any further questions!

All the best


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Thanks Tamsin - maybe not quite so useful for me after all!! I'll park that for later - still plenty to get my teeth in to.

It was a good event you laid on last week - great opportunity for meeting people as well as learning about the new products. Hope the cold has not got on top of you. Talk to you soon - Adrian is sending me some notes through hopefully which will be really useful.

All the best


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