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Vectorworks to Cinema 4D

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Was wondering if anyone had this same issue. I was previously running VW2009 and C4d 11. I typically take a file that has been designed, and render in cinema 4d. The linework is rarely classed, so I class it all in Vectorworks prior to importing into Cinema. I have since upgraded to VW 2012, and Cinema r13.

They are both great packages, but my workflow has been decimated. In previous versions I had the option to export by classes which would in turn create a texture in c4d for each class created in Vectorworks. That is not the case anymore with Cinema "naming" each group and extrude seperately. This means I now have to organize everything several times, which is quite inefficient. What am I missing? Help!

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You can do organization by layer, which puts things in groups over in Cinema.

You can group things, and then name them, it will do the same thing.

I've taken to layering, and then grouping, so that I have things arranged that way.

You might be able to run a quick script to re-organize them before the export: Custom Select all objects with this class and put them in this layer or whatever.

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