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Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but has anyone out there had trouble getting support from the Interiorcad technical support team? I am trying to download the two free "Extrablock" packages that they have on there site and can't get it two work. I have emailed their technical support team several times and still no response. I just purchased the XS version of Interiorcad and also have asked them for some help with some other items I am trying to do. Has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone else had luck downloading the two free packages (first two) and if so can you send them to me since I can't seem to get a response from them? Please help!

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I am upgrading to VW 2011 next week.

Can't wait as I need to get up to speed.

Still, VW needs to get with the interior items more.

Mouldings are a pain. To many steps to do what should be an option in the OIP.

I know this is off the beaten path, but again, VW has decided to concentrate their efforts elsewhere.


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I agree.

But it is what it is.

It seems to me that that VW is not really interested in listening to those of us who do interior work or have the need to have easier methods that the universal EAP for trim.

Seem to be stuck in old school way of thinking. imho

Cabinets is another issue.

Then again, due to interiorcad doing what has been sorely need for years, why re-invent the wheel.

In CAD, the name of the game is speed with being able to edit (read customize) anything.

Windoor is another plugin that should be part of the stock package.

Makes me wonder do they listen to us end users?

Is all there work conceptual?

Do they design kitchens and baths in 3D with the clients present?

Would be great to get some feedback on this.

This is the world I live and work in.


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I agree as well. I feel both the capabilities of Interiorcad and Windoor should be built-into VW, not separate plugins that must be purchased. They are not options when designing, they are fundamental elements that are apart of every single project that we all take on. It's not a matter of that would be nice to have, it's a matter of, "We are asking for them" so include them.

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I don't want to see them added to any base version of VW.

Nothing I do with VW requires or is helped by WinDoor or InteriorCad.

I don't want to pay more to add those features.

You are lucky they are available as 3rd party add-ons. Those who need them can budget for them. Those that don't shouldn't have to subsidize them.

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I use Windoor and interiorCAD and several other third-party add-ons to Vectorworks. I'm happy to get these to extend the use of my Vectorworks, but that doesn't mean that I would like to see them included for everybody. I've always thought that one of the great things about Vectorworks was its ability to have third-party plug-ins available.

I'm sorry, I just don't see what's wrong with finding the plug-ins that you need and putting them into Vectorworks.

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My best advice to Nemetschek is to fight fire with fire. In other words, especially with interior-design based elements like cabinets, those tools must be made way smarter, one way or the other. Having just spent the morning watching a live demo of the kitchen/cabinet tools within the latest version of Chief Architect, I have to think that NNA is leaving real money on the table by losing buyers to this and other programs when they see what CA can do in this regard. In 2002, Chief Arch had a far better set of cabinet tools than Vwks does today (not considering interiorcad which is a game-changer).

Yes, Vwks contains many more tools than CA. Yes, Vwks handles bigger projects more effectively. Plans look way better. I live and breath Vwks and am not advocating changing.

Ultimately it's not about Pat's preference or Jon's preference (luv you guys). It's about selling more boxes to more users. If the core tools are not in the box, unless the user has someone hand-carrying them through the process of understanding what' possible, NNA may lose that purchaser. Seasoned users will buy the add-ons. New users, off the street, will often keep shopping when they see smart objects in action elsewhere.

Buying WinDoor and interiorcad outright and including them may not be the best plan. The best plan -is- to create something in the same ballpark and soon, especially in cabinet-land.


PS. Remember that C4D technology has been added to Vectorworks as well as the push-pull technology from Siemens. These should also be considered core tools. Would your advice be to go outside to buy those add-ons--pretending for a moment that that were an option--rather than have them included in the main program? No, of course not.

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For you that may be so.

But VW is supposed to be a complete package is it not?

I understand the need for conceptual designs and such, but the residential and interior designers and remodeler's are getting left behind.

VW should update the OIP for door and window trim (profiles), cabinets.

If the OIP can draw a rectangle piece of trim why not some other profile (polygon shape)?

Stair tool needs help with baluster profiles and newel post profiles as well.

VW has great rendering modes.

We (the end users) should not be stuck with or limited to EAP as the universal do everything tool for crown, base, etc...

Not all of us have the time to "draw" (create) these items, nor should we.


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I understand that no one wants to pay more for these plug-ins to be added. However, the functions that these great plug-ins do, a lot of those functions should be capable within the core of VW. Go look at some of the competitors cabinet and window/door tools. Yes, those programs have shortcomings, as do all programs but we need some of these functions incorporated into VW. Yes, I do budget for these extra plug-ins, especially when I come across a job that is going to require me to purchase them. However, it would be nice if I didn't have to fork out the extra money for something that should be already possible with in the program. Johnathan and Pat, I too luv you guys you are awesome, but you have to see some of the stuff that we are all talking about as being justified. If they don't want to incorporate them, then adjust the tools (cabinet, windows, doors) that we currently have to accommodate more of what these extra plug-ins are capable of doing. That's all, give us more options so that we don't have to "model" these things like others are suggesting. Either way, VW is still my favorite and I will always be a big fan.

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Complete for what? Interior Design? Theatrical Lighting? Landscape Design? Structural Engineering? Wastewater Treatment Design?

There are users using VW for all of the above and many more. NV will never be able to satisfy all of those groups. In fact, they will never be able to satisfy ANY of those groups without basically dropping support for all the others.

The problem (In my not so humble opinion) is not that VW does not do enough in any area, but rather that it does to much. If the cabinets were not as good as they are, then there would be (and should be) a market for third party cabinet add-ons. Right now we have VW and InteriorCAD. There should be other options.

For doors and windows we have VW and WinDoor. There should be a market for more options, either country/region specific or just more general. There is not.

The long term viability/sustainability of VW depends on there being a vibrant third party. Adding everything anyone wants into the base VW (or VWA, VWS, VWD, etc.) is actually bad for the future as then you are always going to be dependent on VW to make changes/improvements.

I say we need VW to be a simple base that can be built on by others to generate a broad spectrum of third party "STUFF" (plug-ins, scripts, training, books, etc.) to let users customize to meet their specific needs.

A vibrant 3rd party market will allow those of you who need customization to have it without the price going so high that no one can afford the base because of features they don't use.

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Interesting feedback.

It seems (by your comments) that VW users (market) do not really care about having the tools for doors, windows, cabinets, stairs.

I find that hard to swallow.

Does not seem to matter about trim details either.

The options for trim profiles, newel posts, railings should be standard (include) with VW.

VW being a design tools does not mean we should have to create (design) everything.

Yes, we can create what we want, then save as a symbol.

How much time do think we have to get a set of working drawings produced?

If VW is the "base" product, then why is the cost of implementation ($$ for add-ons) make the overall cost so high?

Yes, it is great that VW has scripting, SDK but not everyone is capable or has the time to do this to get VW to work the way they want.

I will continue to use VW because that is what we use at work.

I will also continue to use other software to meet the needs I have of residential remodeling.

I design with the clients sitting with me their kitchens and baths, etc..

VW is not the product to be using to do this.

I would need to do it 1st, get their responses, make the changes and either send them the images or set another meeting.

Not all of our clients are willing or have the time to use a viewer either.

In what I do, time is of the essence.



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Complete for what? Interior Design? Theatrical Lighting? Landscape Design? Structural Engineering? Wastewater Treatment Design?

There are users using VW for all of the above and many more. NV will never be able to satisfy all of those groups. In fact, they will never be able to satisfy ANY of those groups without basically dropping support for all the others.

The problem (In my not so humble opinion) is not that VW does not do enough in any area, but rather that it does to much.

You forgot mining and civil engineering... where the same EAP tool that was used for $15000 cabinets (8-10 years ago) is now used for $10 million trench excavations for mining services.Thats called business opportunities....

Seriously NNA need to invest Core changes/Time/ Money in unique real projects and grow the Design/Data brand.

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I've also had an issue with the files.

here is how it worked,

Do not unzip the files when you download them,

just choose the zip file from Interiorcad and it will install everything in the user Lib.

Anyway there weren't anything worth working with in that zipfile.

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I am contemplating purchasing interiorcad xs

I do interior contracting and woodwork.

Are the moldings easier to extrude?

I am having a heckuva problem with EAP and moldings from my molding library (Andersen McQuaid Cambridge MA)

I can do base and crown but a door or window fergeddaboutit

BTW Anderson MCcQuaid files have the picture of the profile which is helpful.

Copperbeech which is in the Library of my copy of VW Architect 2012 is all alphanumeric so I have no way of knowing what the profile looks like

Back on topic:

How do you interiorcad users like it?


I spoke with Someone @ Vectorworks some months ago (no names here) and requested a video of Door and window moldings and EAP. Haven't seen it yet

There is a video on Youtube helped me with base and crown, but not Windows.

I read another thread about window casingshere and will try it.

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Doors and windows are easy: go to a frontal view, draw a polygon (path); select the Polygon and a Profile object; Run EAP command. The go to top/plan view and move the EAP Object into proper x/y location. Then, if necessary, edit the Profile to move it to the correct side of the crosshairs...

I haven't looked at Interior Cad for a few years, but my impression (long ago) was generally very good. I did not buy it as that sort of modeling is only a very small part of my practice.

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Interiorcad will create just about any cabinet style you want.

Give you way more control than VW cabinet OIP.

You can create sloped cabinets to fit under stairs or to match slope of ceilings.

You can customize how many drawers / doors and sizes

You can control material, how cabinets are built, hardware

You can control door panel and frame styles

I say that as I have not tried everything I could think of yet but have not run into any limitations.

I suggest you create your own libraries for different door styles and different size cabinets or you will be editing cabinets all the time.

I think the user interface could be easier. I find the graphic depictions of the cabinet components confusing and the manual does not help in answering my questions.

You can only use their symbol libraries, something I have suggested that we should be able to use either default VW symbols or be able to import manufacturers (Kohler, Moen, Franke)etc....

As far as Mouldings, do like Peter says.

Here are the instructions I posted July 31, 2011

VW 2009 verions and newer have the Copper Beech moulding library.

If you are like me and have VW 2008 or older, you will need to import.dwg 2d moulding profiles for use with Extrude Along Path command to create your interior / exterior trim.

Open a blank document, give it a name and save. You could use moulding profiles or anything you wish. You could also break the mouldings down by category and save in individual files.

EX: 3-1/2" Base, 4-1/4" Crown, 2-1/2" Casing. I think you get the idea.

I use the


website to download the 2D moulding profiles.

I like it because the profiles are not grouped together and I can pick and choose which profiles I want to download.

For Baseboard profiles, the face you see (inside) faces right and the top edge is up.

For Casings, Face side is down and inside edge is pointing left.

Click on the .dwg you just imported.

Modify > Create Symbol.

Give the profile a name.

You can also choose to save as a black text Symbol or a Blue text Symbol.

If you choose (under options) to convert to group upon insertion, it will become a blue text symbol.

Blue text symbols means you can change this instance of the symbol (moulding profile) and it will only change this instance of the profile.

The black text profiles are universally in that if you change one, they all change.

Example of how to use:

In plan view, draw a wall and place a window.

Change to a front view (keypad 2).

For windows use the rectangle tool to trace an outline for the Extrude Along Path (EAP) command.

I trace at the perimeter of the window frame (jamb)and offset 1/2" inwards to leave a standard 1/4" reveal. Make sure to delete your original rectangle.

You could also trace to the inside edge of the frame (jamb) and offset 1/4" as well.

Select the rectangle, Modify > Convert > Convert to NURBS.

This will save you the step of having to rotate the extruded profile. You will still need to move the extruded profile so it aligns with the wall surface.

Note: If the symbol (trim profile) has black text you will need to Edit the Trim Profile > Copy, exit the profile and paste on the drawing outside of the wall(s). If the profile you select has blue text, you can drag and drop.

Select the NURBS (EAP) you converted, and the profile you just pasted, then go to Model > Extrude Along Path, make sure the path (not the profile) is highlited (usually blue in color) and click OK.

You will now see the moulding trim applied.

You will need to align the profile trim to the face of the window and move the trim so the inside edge is where you expect it to be.

Change to a side view (keypad or numbers) 6 or 4.

6 shows right side view, 4 shows left side view.

Move the extruded profile so the back edge (against wall) meets the wall surface.

Also align the profile vertically in its correct position if needed.

If the profile is not showing correctly (face you should see is reversed) or the moulding is showing inside the window frame (jamb) click on moulding > edit profile.

Move as needed.

Move, rotate, flip moulding till you get the look you want or moulding is oriented correctly, Exit profile.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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