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Door & Window schedules

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It helps to know what version you have.

Assuming a recent version with Architect:

Tools > Reports > VA Create Schedule... > Window Schedule or Door Schedule and click for a place to insert.

Any door or window with "On Schedule" selected in the OIP will appear on the schedule.

Recalculate the schedule after changes.



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Hard to say with out a file or screen shot, but if you have design layer viewports in the drawing that may be the culprit.

If you do, try opening the database header, right clicking on the database row header and choosing Edit Criteria.

Then make sure that Including Components of: Design Layer Viewports is NOT checked.



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In the Door or Window schedule, is there a way to combine multiple instance of the same item? For example, say there are 10 occurrences of a window whose ID is 'W-01'. Then there are 6 occurrences of a window whose ID is 'W-02' and so on for 10 different window types. The window schedule tool creates a schedule that lists each window of each type. The schedule becomes huge, with 83 windows listed.

I'd like to be able to condense the list so that only one occurrence of each window type (ID number) shows on the schedule. Is this possible? If so, how do I do it?



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To phrase what John said a little differently:

If you open the worksheet for editing, you see three "buttons" at the top (bars going up, bars going down, SUM). These are not buttons, but tiles that can be dragged.

Select a row in the worksheet and drag the tile to the column header that you want to effect.

The SUM tile SUMMARIZES based on that column. It will consolidate all of the data that has the same value for that column. You can then put a formula of =Count in a different column to get the total number of items that are summarized. Once you summarize the data, other columns that have numerical data in them will also be summarized. If you have a window.width of 2 and a total of 3 windows that are summarized the column will show a total of 6. Drag another SUM tile to that column and it will undo the Summarize for that column.

The other two tiles work similarly, but they sort the data in the column either up or down. You can combine SUM and Sort tiles in the same column.

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I am working in VW2012 and have a door schedule that I want to order by door number. When I created the worksheet the doors were in a random number. I have tried to drag the order tile, but it seems to be greyed out and wont drag onto any cell or column. Any tips would be appreciated.



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It's not a totally intuitive process:

1. Expose the database header (little triangle > Database Header)

2. Select the row header for the database. (In the default door schedule it's row 4 - it will have a little diamond next to the number)

3. Drag the sort icon (next to the little triangle [sort descending] [sort ascending] [sum]) to the column you want to sort by. (In the default door schedule it's column B)

4. Close the database header



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