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Dash Styles

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I don't know if this is a quirk with the mac or with VW, but WHY does every dashed line style have an unequal space for the first short dash?? It's as annoying as hell to fix it manually for every new file, which is inevitable despite making up templates. Can NNA fix this?

Additionally, as of 9.5, is the dash style of a line, when copied and pasted, stored as a reference number only (dash style number) or does it have dash length information also? In VW8, some copy-pasted lines would keep their old style, thereby making up a new style in the new drawing, sometimes they'd just use whatever appearance was defined for that particular dash style number...

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I just ran into the problem of not being able to paste an object with a dash style into a new document, and have it maintain the dash style from the originating document. It didn't even take the style number in the new document, it simply turned it solid. The object is different in each of 14 drawings, but the dash style I want to remain the same.

Is there any way to bring a dash style in? For better or worse it takes a bit of time to replicate the dash style I came up with, so doing it 14 times today doesn't sound like any fun.


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