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951 record format field values

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This is working correctly in 9.5.1.

Create a Record Format, Add a field of type number. Set the number format to decimal and specify the number of decimal places. Click ok and then enter a default value.

Any number will be reported with the specified number of decimal places when it is attached to an object.

If you put in 0 as the default and three decimal places, the default value will be 0.000. If you enter 46.3465 as the default, then it will put in 46.347 as the default.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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VW 951 OSX.1.4

I know that someone else had the problem of the Object info focus not moving to the next field for a record when 'Enter' is pressed. I've just done something to one of my symbols that makes the 'move to next field' behavior work for the record. There's another, similar, symbol, that uses the SAME record, but does not proceed.

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