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Bug with 9.5.1!?

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I think I've found a serious problem with 9.5.1. I often use the "Custom Selection..." command, especially when I have an architectural drawings with many classes. It appears that I cannot (by using Custom Selection) isolate objects that belong to a class with a name that has one or more "-" (dash) characters! I thought it was a problem with my new drawing. But when I go back to an old drawing that I knew for sure there was no problem or corruption, the bug persisted. Please look into this and find a fix.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Yes, this is a known bug that is only on Windows. To workaround this, if you want to select class 'A-B-C', for example, then choose Create Script instead of Execute Immediately. Select class ‘A’ on the criteria dialog, then edit the script, changing ‘A’ to ‘A-B-C’.

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Thanks for the reply Bruce. But can we expect a fix any time soon? I enjoy using "Custom Selection..." because it is easy to use and convenient when I need to isolate a group of objects belonging to a particular class "quickly". Writing a script and edit it afterwards for every time I use the command (when isolating by class) is not my idea of quick. (I mind as well use "Class Option" - "Active Only".)


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