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Starting from DWG Import

John Hall

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Hey guys-I'm about to start a plot from a DWG import that will include everything, pipe grid, theatre building, scenery, theatre seats, etc. I'm looking for advice on setting it up prior to starting the actual plot drawing.

Any pitfalls to look out for? Suggestions on layers, classes, etc.

thanks very much-

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Hi John;

while the import is certainly a learning experience, the best favor you can do for yourself is to NOT import the dwg directly into your plot drawing.

once the dwg import is complete, copy and paste what you need into your plot. keep the origin unchanged, and if you need anything else after the first copy/paste sequence, you can simply copy & paste special any future needs.



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thanks guys. I'm still fairly new with VW. I have no trouble drawing most of what I'm doing, but I'm generally working out of a rep plot. This particular show is in a new space and as soon as I got into the import, I knew I was going to need some advice.

Does anyone know about the VW training days at LDI. There is a basic class and an advanced class. I'm curious what the distinction between the two is. I feel like I might be somewhere between the two but don't have time to do both classes.

Finally, Steve, the new version of the book is really nice. If I taught, I'd use that book.

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