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Rendered isometric printing gremlin.


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Pls help relative VW newbie! I'm trying to print some rendered isometric drawings of a garden. After exporting to PDF, Top/Plan views print fine. Soon as I export rendered isometric view, it opens up fine as a PDF. All detail is viewable on screen, but what comes out of printer is missing large chunks of the image. Been to Professional printing shop and same happens there. Anyone had a similar problem? Never had this issue before with previous work. PDF reader 9.4 and VW 2011 SP4.

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No experience with this, but here is a thought: Open the pdf in Preview instead of Adobe. File>Save As PDF with some new file name. Test print that one. Then Print> Save as PDF with variant on the file name. There may be some threading thang.

Also, if you created your pdf by exporting from VW, try the Print>Save As PDF option. Or vice versa.


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