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How to use images / textures (jpegs) for walls, floors ???


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I want to use images / textures (jpegs) on wall surfaces and planar surfaces.

How do I go about this?

I do a lot of interior remodeling work and show our clients their projects in 3D.

I understand I can apply an image to 2D object (rectangle) and such.

Is there any way to apply it to a 3D object?

Do I have to use a surface extract, set it's parameters and proceed from there?

VW is different as to how it handles this as compared to the other software I use, and I need to get up to speed.

What is the best / easiest (probably not the same thing) to show tile on a shower wall or backsplash?

What about tile on a shower floor?


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Create or import a texture- not an image, which is for 2D objects. Select a 3D object. Rightclick the texture and select apply. That's pretty much it. Adjust the texture using the render-tab on the OIP or edit the texture itself by right-clicking on it and select edit.

For certain objects - like a poster on a wall or the screen of a TV, it is faster to use 'Create image prop', turn off auto-rotate and place the image prop rectangle slightly in front of the surface, that it should appear on.

For both types, textures will only be visible in certain render modes - not in wireframe. OpenGL is good for previewing textures.

'Perimiter' is the default mapping mode for textures. For certain object types, you may have to change that. Try pressing the Attribute Mapping Tool to view the alternatives.

Beware that walls can be given different textures for either side and also a texture for the wall core.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Yes indeed you can. Create a new texture (double-click on the Resource Browser and choose Renderworks Texture). Set the Color shader to Image. Vectorworks will prompt you to load the image.

You may need to do some work on the image first in an image editor (such as Photoshop) so that it will tile sensibly.

Hope that helps

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I have just completed importing (if you will)the Cambria Quartz textures as jpegs using the Resource Browser.

How do I save these as a file for future use?

Do I have to import them everytime?

Want to save as part of my Default Template so they are there every time I open the template.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

So, you've imported them into a new file? If so, save the file somewhere sensible on your hard drive. On the Resource Browser, click on the Files menu and choose Add Current to Favorites. This will "bookmark" the file onto the list of files for you to browse on the Resource Browser. Then you will have access to them whichever file you are working on.

If you've created them all in your current project, you could export them to another file by locating them on the Resource Browser, right-clicking and choosing Export. This enables you to copy the resources into other Vectorworks files.

All the best

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