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Graphic tablet: opinions and experiences


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I'd like to buy a graphic tablet to use with vectorworks. Tablet is a complete new world for me.

Consequently I'd like to receive some opinions by current users and theirs experiences (is it useful? how about productivity?).

Are all tablets compatible with vectorworks?

Please answer to this post.

Thank you,


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Bought a convertible several years back. Never really used it. My employees said a mouse was easier, and I think it turns out they were right. At least, its just as easy.

Plus, the free hand lines ended up with a million vertices, which had to be simplified. At the time, I didn't have the Vector Bits simplify poly script. Just not a lot faster in the end.

Anyone know if VW will be supporting the new IPad and similar computers, though? I think ACAD has already announced their app.

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i use the Wacom Bamboo Touch tablet, when I want to use a pen, and a mouse other times. I don't think one is better than the other, but I often find I use one more than the other. For long periods on the computer the tablet with a pen is more comfortable for me.

as for the freehand tool, set the smoothing to medium or high to reduce the need for simply it later.

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