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Can anyone tell me if it it possible to reference only part of a layer. I know you can reference an entire layer to another document, but I have a situation where I have a key plan of a very large building with three seperate additions. I only want to reference the areas where the additions are. If I reference the whole layer, then the drawing is going to be about 15 times the size of the actual page. I do not particularly want to have to use "white" polygons to cover the areas on the page I don't want. That seems a little crude.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Right; either you assign specific classes to different buildings so to turn them on and off on the referenced drawing (but this won't save file size and can be awkward organization-wise ) or you create the parts in different layers and layer link them back to one layer that shows it all or to a referenced file that reads just some layers.

In VW the approach is the opposite of what usually done in other programs: here you first create the parts and then assembly them in a single place. You cannot easily create the whole thing and dynamically dissect the parts.

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