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Duplicate array (circular) and loft a 3D object?

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I have created a 3" square and extruded it 10'. I would like to take this solid and duplicate array (circular) it upon it's center and have it place each copy on top of the previous (raise each copy of the solid 3 inches).

I want the piece to make 2 complete revolutions and grow in height accordingly. I guess it would be similar to a DNA molicule when finished.

Does anyone know a simple way to accomplish this? [Confused]

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This is similar to a question I have about using the circular duplicate array with a Z Height. I'm trying to duplicate curved stair treads and for each duplicate, the Z Height can be set to the riser height (i.e. 7")It's for a radius stair but not as tight a radius as a spiral.

I realize there is a stair tool, but these are custom stairs.

Any plug-ins out there???

VW12 Arch/RW

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