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ETC 3.5 Combo Pack from SoftSymbols?

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FIELD TEMPLATE is pleased to announce the addition of the ETC 3.5 COMBO PACK to the SOFTSYMBOLS? series of Vectorworks? symbol libraries. The ETC 3.5 COMBO PACK is a complete overhaul and upgrade for the entire Electronic Theatre Controls product line, including all conventional fixtures and the entire array of Selador LED products.

The ETC conventional symbol library includes the new Source Four Fresnel and XT Zoom Ellipsoidal, as well as all wattage variations for the HPL and HID series. Ellipsoidals and PARs are also included in two styles with numeric/text or old-school slashes in the lens to indicate beam spread.

The Selador object library includes all variations of the Desire D40, D40XT, and D60 fixtures, and all lengths of Lustr+, Paletta, Pearl, Fire, Ice, and Vivd-R striplights. All striplights can be inserted as either single or multi-circuit symbols. TopView? symbols show 2D and 3D representations of vertically mounted striplights. Additional 3D components allow any striplight to be rendered either "hung" or "sitting on the deck"

The hybrid symbols provided in both libraries are constructed to act "wysiwyg-y" in the Vw2011 or Vw2012 environment; when a Spotlight device is assigned to a focus point, the 3D components tilt and rotate so the beam emerges from the front lens of the 3D fixture.

Like the rest of the SoftSymbols downloads, the ETC 3.5 Combo Pack includes graphic SoftMaps? and SoftData? in pdf format, allowing for hard-copy navigation and comparison. The download also includes Sam Jones' fabulous Data Conversion macros, which can be used at any time to convert data for all lighting elements from Imperial to Metric and back again in a single click.

The download is offered in two versions; the Legacy Version is designed for the Vectorworks 2008, 2009, and 2010 environment. The Vw2011 Version is designed for the Vectorworks 2011 and 2012 environment--this is the version where 3D components articulate "wysiwyg-like" when Spotlight lighting devices are assigned to a focus point.

Images of the libraries can be viewed at http://www.fieldtemplate.com/soft/down_etc_frame.html. Either version of the combo pack is available as a $30 download. Contact the manufacturer for site licenses.

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