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Importing worksheet

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We only support these formats when importing worksheets.

CSV Comma seperated text, Tab delimited text, SLYK, and DIF.

You should be able to select any of these format's from the Excel save dialog.

If this doesnt work, let me know what version/platform you are using excel on and I will check it out.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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You can also copy and paste from your Excel spreadsheet into VW worksheet. The trick is, your have to select the exact number of rows and columns in the VW worksheet that you copied from Excel, or you can select only the upper, left cell in the VW worksheet & then ctl-v to paste.

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oh yea, and don't forget word wrap doesn't exist in Vectorworks worksheet land, which might also be causing problems. If you do have wrapped cells and they do make it in to the worksheet, be prepared for a worksheet that looks like Mr. Jefferson's National Land survey and will cause your cells to spread from Columbia MD to somewhere in Kansas....

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I think this behavior may be a bug, or at least an explained change in the program. I just ran into it myself, importing a tab delimited file from Excel into 9.5.1 under OS X and 9.2.2. The import did not reconize the line endings, so all the numbers were in one row. The same file imported correctly into 8.5.2 under OS 9.2.2. When I changed the line endings to UNIX in BBedit Lite, it imported fine into 9.5.1.

I submitted this in a bug report, but haven't heard anything back.

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Hey chris:

You would think with the increasing number of programs out there that do dynamically update, that this would have been a priority in the last release. One need only check with the likes of Indesign 2.0 or Archicad to see how powerful and useful this feature is.

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