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Editing Symbols in 2011

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I just recently started using 2011, coming from 2009. (I know, about time already)

I've come across a change since 2009 that I need help with.

When editing symbols in 2009, the symbol would appear onscreen in the orientation the symbol was saved in, regardless of what orientation the symbol is placed in the drawing.

In 2011 when I go to edit a symbol, it seems to keep it in the "placed" orientation (in both plan and 3D views) - which is making it difficult for me to edit the symbol. I see onscreen cues which seem to be indicating the plane the symbol was saved in, but I can't seem to orient the screen to that plane.

Is there a hidden preference I am missing? Is there a way to have the symbol appear in a "zeroed out" view when editing?

Many thanks in advance

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Mike - thanks for the reply.

That button does help, but only in the top view. When I look at Front or Side views the symbol is still shown in it's rotated position.

I know I don't have my head wrapped around the Screen/Layer plane stuff yet, and I can work around this by un-rotating the symbol before editing. Is there a way to use the original plane/axis when viewing from front/side/etc?


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Thanks Horst -

You are right, editing from the Resource Browser keeps it "straight" in the window - unfortunately I can't see the rest of the drawing/other symbols.

I worked around all this by using the Working Plane tool and creating planes for each rotated symbol.

FYI, this project was for a scenic design with 3 angled walls with roughly 30 picture frames on each - so seeing the other wall symbols was critical, as was being able to nudge the frames around.

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