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designjet800 or designjet800ps

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Hello all,

The guys in the cad dept use VW9.5 on W2K . We're shopping for a new plotter. To be honest we're a bit confused about the postscript thing. Will VW9.5 work perfectly with a designjet800- or will it not ? The 800ps version is too expensive, forcing us to look at OCE5250 which is lower spec'ed but has native support for ps.We draw staircases, wall elements - no DTP.

thanks for any replies or links.


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I don't know much about W2K, but I can tell you generally that if you can print to the device from any application, then VW can print to it as well. VW does not require postscript.

The source of confusion is probably from the lack of manufacturer's plotter drivers for MacOS-- which means we either have to buy a third party driver (like microspot's) or buy a postscript plotter (since postscript devices are supported by Apple's and Adobe's drivers.)

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