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How to draw canted walls ???


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Hi Taoist, the short answer is no. In recent versions (2011+ I think) you can create Wall Projections and Wall Recesses, and these can sort of mimic canted walls, but unfortunately they stop short of the end of the wall(s). I'm sure there is a reason for this in terms of the programming involved, but not being a programmer I have no idea of the details. If these features could just turn the corners it would be super-cool! I have played with it a little, see attached:

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Answer to question about nurbs conversion: as I said above, once a wall is converted it is no longer a wall, it's just a group of nurbs objects. You can work those with solids modeling tools, but no they will no longer join or allow insertion of doors, etc.

After looking at your examples, perhaps the easiest solution (for the time being anyhow) is to use simple 3d objects for the canted portions of the walls (ie: extrudes joined via Solid Addition and edges trimmed with Solid Subtraction)... I assume that's how you created your examples??

Also, file a Wish for the ability to cant walls. You won't be the first!

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Here is another sample.

Simple version of a buttress type situation


So how do you get insurance to build a BIM Sloping wall (Rendered/Brickwork with tensile cracking?) that looks like its ready to Collapse? Clients never liked Distressed/Shabby Sheik on sloping structural walls stick to cabinets.

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The idea was to show if we could do canted walls in VW, not about texture used, or cracking concrete.


Shame tho.... I thought you were inventing a new form of Extreme Architecture....Nothing beats pushing the Engineering (Form/Structure/Material properties) to another level, but its not for the faint hearted.

Hmmm...Thanks for posting

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I think the whole world is quite happy that 98% of all walls are just vertical.

It makes most things much easier.

I know there are occasions where tilted Walls are needed or cool.

If adding that feature to VW would mean that it gets more complicated to

create/place Standard VW Walls in any way, I would say I don't want that

feature. And that it is ok that these things have to be modeled with

standard 3D tools.

If there will be a convenient way, other Apps have that Feature too,

no problem.

I could live with a solution to apply wall information to standard 3D geometry

for things like calculations, BIM or Space/Floor creation though.

More on top of the list for me would be disturbing things like Walls connected

to Roofs have horizontal Top Faces.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

There are a lot of applications where they would be incredibly important, we have a lot of military and other govt projects where slanted walls are needed for reinforced structures, dams, rocketry, water/waste management, all over the place. It isn't super common for most architectural users but we definitely see the need for in certain areas.

Also, allowing slanted/sloped walls opens up a lot of different design possibilities, which is at the core of why we are all here.

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Well let's take another look at this shall we... By my reckoning, we already do have canted walls. Well not exactly using wall objects, but via the Auto-Hybrid Object.

If you start with a wall style, change to top view and convert to 3D geometry (or create your 3D from scratch).Then you can add (for wall cants) and subtract (for openings) 3D geometry.

Once you are finished with your geometry, then you can convert to Auto-Hybrid Object. You should be able to display components (from 3D geometry) in the object display settings.

Make sense?

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