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Working on a lighting plot at the moment. I have multiple trusses scattered around for design purposes.

Is there an easy way for VW to auto fill in a fixtures distance from the end of the truss (or from center?)

I can't use X and Y coordinates because the truss is at various angles.

I am currently using the Line- Unrestrained Linear tool (M) In base line mode. But this still makes me have to fill in the info for each individual fixture.


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I think it is possible.

If you want to put that measurement into User Field 1 or something similar to get it to appear in the label legend, I'm sure it can be scripted. I've tried it, and gotten close enough to know it's possible - just beyond what I can do quickly.

If you only want to put the measurement in an instrument schedule, that's much easier.

The attached file has a simple example that seems to work.

But to get the plot out the door, you might want to look at Sam Jones' tools.



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