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Mike Dunsmuir

Missing text when exporting batch PDF

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Need Help. Just got VW2011 and new to Mac. When I export using batch PDF, I have issues with text missing on certain sheets. The sheets are fine on my machine, but anyone without the latest Adobe will be missing the font.

When I email to print shop I am told Adobe is not the issue?

Anyone had a issues with this? Distributor and printers not helping.

Wondering if it's at my end or if there is a fix.

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I have seen this before.

It seems to be a problem with some fonts.

Often, if the font misbehaves when using VW's batch print, it will display correctly if you use the native Mac OS pdf function.



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I have the disappearing font problem all the time, though it sounds like yours is a little different from the norm since you see the fonts in a preview of the PDF on your own machine. Usually a single font disappears through the entire exported PDF. It sounds like yours is only on select sheets. These differences indicate it may be a font corruption issue.

I can often track the problem to a single sheet in a drawing set and sometime to a single viewport. The problem tends to show up when a drawing set gets to a certain size. All instances of a single font disappear from the entire PDF set. They are missing when I preview the PDF on my own system.


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A longshot idea is that your drawing has a rare font not in the print shop font library.

But, assuming this is a bad font, and the print to pdf idea does not help, here are a couple things to try once you know which one:

1st, make a new Vectorworks test file containing a couple text blocks of the bad font and a couple of a good font. Make a couple sheet layers with Viewports, too. Batch export to see if the problem persists at the print shop.

If yes

Fix the font in your Mac system

1. Launch Font Book.app which ships installed in your Mac. It's in the Applications folder.

2. Run the Validate Font or Validate File scripts. Disable one or more duplicated fonts may be suggested.

Read the Font Book Help files, and post back if not understandable.


Replace all instances of the bad font in your Vectorworks file with a font which displays properly at the print shop. Do the test file first, to get the hang of it --

1. Deselect everything by clicking in "open" space.

OIP (Object Info Palette) should indicate No Selection.

2. Menu>Tools>Custom Selection

3. Choose Select, Execute Immediately and click Criteria

4. Set criteria to Font--Is-- Nameofbadfont

5. Checkmark all the options, Click OK

Result is that every instance of the bad font will be selected in the active drawing file (but not in any other files).

6. In OIP, change the font to one which displays properly at the print shop. If the size field is blank, leave it blank. It means you have several sizes of that font in the drawing.



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Hey! Something I know how to fix!!

After you select the sheets to export select "Rasterize text" in the Export PDF window.

This one drove me nuts until the good folks at tech support showed me the simple answer.

Good luck.

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Good one Mike! I never noticed that before. But the rasterized text has a couple disadvantages: it does not select/copy/paste as text and it is aliased. These are tolerable in printed version, but may be a problem if pdf is the final product for review.


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One last option... We have resolved the issue by making PDFs using the print tool. A simple file > print > print to pdf (a driver by Adobe I believe) seems to work every time for us! You can also do batch printing this way.

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