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Export DXF error message??

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I am trying to export a few drawing files and I keep getting an error message reading..'Open DWG Library Error 3...' and the export translation stops. The error message says its in use or not found. I have just reinstalled the VW 8.5.2 updater and my system software was recently updated and reinstalled. I have exported to .dxf prior and I have never run into this problem before.Does anyone have a clue as to what to do??Thanks for all the previous help,


Tom Marino in PA ..running VW8.5.2 on G4

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You could be trying to open a DWG version that is not supported by VW 8.5.2. VW 8.5.x will support up to revision 14. If you are trying to import a version 2000 or later, you will get that error.

Have your associate send you the file in a revision 14 or earlier and you should be sucessful at importing the file.

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Katie,I am trying to Export a file I created in VW 8.5.2., not import.I tried the same scenario today and was able to export the files successfully each time. I exported them to the desktop and then imported them back to see if it worked and it did. I have done nothing to hardware or software since my first posting. Go figure!Thanks for the reply,


Tom Marino in PA

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A OpenDWG error number 3 means that we can open that file to write out the DXF data.

If you get this error in the future, make sure the file that you are writing to does not already exist as a read only or unwriteable file.

If you get this error again, try exporting to a different file name like export.dxf.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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