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need some comments on i5 vs i7 & duo vs quad

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while i sure there is a difference, the big question is

"is there a noticeable difference when running vw?"

macmini duo core i5 or i7


iMac quad core i5 or i7 (i hate paying for a screen since i have 2 already. that is why i like the macmini)

i want to avoid paying for extra and then be told "vw does not take advantage of that yet"

any comments?

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I'm sure that the iMac will be faster than the mini.

Take a look at these performance benchmarks:


I have i5 and i7 iMacs and for non-rendering work they both feel the same. Rendering with the i7, though, is a bit faster.

You can run your existing monitors and second screens on the iMac, if you don't want them to collect dust.

If you work primarily in 2d, I don't think that you'll notice a huge difference between the mini and iMac. If you use Renderworks, you'll want all of the horsepower you can get your hands on.

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