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September 2011

Being Productive in Vectorworks - Get The Basics Right

I often get asked to review client's work. Sometimes that are things

they are not doing well (wall styles, slab styles), but most often,

they are not doing the basics.

I find it staggering when I look at drawings where they are drawing a

rectangle as four lines. It takes eight clicks to draw the lines, but

only two clicks to make a rectangle. I have seen examples where

clients draw lines in a polygon shape to represent a wall. Drawing a

wall, even for just 2D work, is quicker and easier that drawing

several lines.

These clients would enjoy a huge leap in productivity if they used

simple techniques. I am not taking about using BIM techniques, I'm

talking about just using basic drawing techniques like rectangles,

polygons, walls and doors and windows, viewports, worksheets to count

objects, and so on. These are the topics covered in my Vectorworks

Essentials Tutorial Manual

The next step is to learn to be more productive with class overrides

in viewports, using symbols instead of groups, Workgroup Referencing,

and using symbols with records attached. These topics (and a hundred

others) are covered in my Vector-workout Guide to Productivity


Do you Need Sketchup if you Have Vectorworks?

I have been chatting with a couple of friends of mine about modeling

in Vectorworks, and whether or not you need Sketchup along with




Should you use Vectorworks Fundamentals?

I usually use Vectorworks Architect, Landmark or designer when I'm

working or writing my manuals. But for the past couple of weeks, I've

been using the very basic Vectorworks Fundamentals



Back to School

If you teach Vectorworks, wouldn't it be nice to have access to

Vectorworks training materials? Imaging going into a class and

saying, "Please open your computers (tablet or smartphone) and

download today's lesson, Quickstart to Vectorworks (or 3D modeling,

or textures, etc)"

We have this ability right now, though kindle books

and PDF manuals. Kindle books are great, because each student

manages their own account. PDF manuals would require licensing but

you can talk to me about that.


Short Sharp Training

I have had several people ask about getting access to the sessions

and manuals that only my subscribers have access to. For the last

five years I have been running monthly training sessions, and many of

these sessions would be useful to repeat.

I have a system to repeat these sessions on a monthly basis. The

sessions are short, and packed full of information, and you get a PDF

manual with the session, so you get all the notes for later.

The sessions will be limited to a small number of users, so you will

get your change to ask questions.



Vector-workout Subscription

Sessions coming up in the next couple months:

September: Site Modeling

This a great topic for Landmark and Architect users. There have been

several requests for Site modeling, and it has been a while since we

had a site modeling session. This Session is useful for anyone that

wants to create a site. You need Vectorworks Architect, Landmark or

Designer for site modeling. We will look at what information you

need, creating the site model, viewing the site model, and how to

modify the site model.

October: What's New in Vectorworks 2012

We don't know what is new yet, but by October Vectorworks 2012 should

have been announced and might even be shipping. In this session, if

Vectorworks 2012 has been announced, we will be looking at what is

new, and how to get the best from the new abilities.

The online booking page is now live. So, if you are a subscriber, book now...

If you want to be a subscriber, join here...

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