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Texturing Stage Floor

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I am trying to add a simple color texture to the stage floor that I created in VectorWorks 2011. When I try to render, the texture does not render with the rest of the space. The texture renders when I use one of the canned textures in the menu that pops up when it is created but it won't render other textures in the program.

Thanks for any help.

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If I turn it into a solid color, say blue, it turns it blue in the 2d version but as soon as I try to render it in 3d space, the color disappears...I am just slightly confused as to why this object isn't rendering like the rest of the space.

Thank you for your response Mitch...

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1st, select the stage floor then copy/paste into a new blank VW drawing.

Some things to look at:

1. Make sure the stage floor has a fill color and is a 3d surface of some kind - floor/slab object, 3d poly, NURBS surface, shell, etc. Select it and look at OIP. If it's a 2d object or a NURBS Curve, choose the Modify menu then Convert>Convert to 3d Polygon.

2. Edit the texture, if needed, It should have transfered to the new drawing with the paste:

*Select the stage floor & click the OIP Render tab.

*Make sure the texture you want is selected in the texture pull down.

*Click the arrow at right of the texture pull down. Choose the edit texture option.

*In the edit dialog > Shaders>Color>choose either Object Attribute (render takes color from attribute palette), or Color. If Color, click the Edit button and pick a color. Floor needs a fill color in either case

*Close out the dialogs. Stage should render with color assigned through object attribute or texture color.

If the stage object has depth (extrude, shell, floor object, etc), the Render tab will have a Parts pull down. Click each part and select the texture as desired.

3. Is the stage floor in the original drawing a stack of objects? Maybe a 2d object overlays the 3d floor?



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Thank you for all you insight.

One last quick question regarding texturing.

In 2011 I go to "Event Planning" menu and then "Create Stage"

It allows me to set height and also allows me to texture the top and side at this point. The problem that I seem to be having is that it only allows me to texture with the few canned textures in that menu...How do you import more textures to that menu?

Thank you all again for your help, I really appreciate it!

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There's a file called Textures Stage.vwx under

Applications/Vectorworks 2011/Libraries/Defaults/Event Planning

(or under c:\Program Files(x86)\Vectorworks 2011... if you are on a PC).

Any textures that you add to this file will be displayed when you run the Create Stage command.

Hope that helps.

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THANK YOU TAMSIN SLATTER! Been beating my head around the tree trying to figure out how to do that.

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