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Beach - sea side scene help please

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Good day All

We have a project happening on the beach and need to do a render of the scene.

Anyone know how to do waves and sea sand etc?


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Hello Carl:

Are you still using 12.5?

In 12.5 waves can be done with leather bump with all amplitudes turned down to zero except fold amplitude, and an accurate glass reflectivity. Sand can be done with granite with a small size.

In 2011 and later, the noise shader can be used for wave bump and sand color, glass reflectivity and glass transparency for the water effect.

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I'd also look into laying a photograph as a background for most of the scene.

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I think bcd's suggestion sounds good.

beause it doesn't cost much rendertime for the Background / Image ot the beach,

the Sea the dolphins and the girls...

Unfortuantely Cameramatch is only available for VW2009 and later.

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Thanks Guys

Yes I'm STILL on 12.5 and I could not get the right texture for the waves

I did make a texture for the sand from a foto witch worked quite well.

Will go play around with the Leather texture.

Does it look different to this one I used previously?


(PS - I do not have a leather texture...)

I want that fresh blue look with caremel-cream colored sand

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Hi Carl,

Attached, is a VW 12 file of a boathouse I originally rendered using Vectorworks 11. As you'll see in the attached JPG, the water (using the leather bump map) rendered very nice, but I'm not seeing the same effect in VW 12. Feel free to download and use the water texture in the file if you can get the bump map to work. If you can get the bump map to work, you can change the textures color and add some transparency to get something closer to what you're after.


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Good day Matt

Sorry for the late reply

I was not notified of your reply

What you have done works wonderfully for the setting as the texture is suitable for a lake or dam.

I was hoping to vind out how to resemble waves, not big but like the sea shore.

I downloaded The VW file, but it does not work.

a pop up states "This file is damaged" and the shuts down VW.

Thank you for your response and input

I appreciate your efforts to help me.

Keep Well

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Hi Carl,

I see. What you're after is obviously quite a challenge. I wish I could point you in the right direction, but I'm afraid it'd required a LOT of experimentation.

I'm not sure what went wrong with the file. It downloads and opens fine on my Mac. If you would still like to take a look, I can email it to you privately.

Please let us know if you find a solution.


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