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Exporting PDFS

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I recently upgraded to VW 2011 and it seems great other than one major problem. When I export pdfs, they end up being huge!! They are 8-12MB instead of 1-2MB they used to be. They also take forever to render when opened in acrobat. Does anyone have any advice??



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what platform are you on? Mac or PC? What operating system?

If you are on a Mac, I would suggest using a shareware application called PDFCompress (http://www.metaobject.com/). I use it a lot for PDFs of all kinds and with CAD generated PDFs I can sometimes slim down to 90% of the original size. It depends...

As far as I know, a lot of factors can contribute to a PDF's size. Maybe you should try to make some PDFs again from the files you have used in the past to see if it's the specific files you are working on or something actually in the new VW code.

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I am on a Mac, os10.6.8, (I have just bought a new mac and want to take small steps before going onto Lion)...

I will look into PDF Compress.. I tried to use acrobats "reduce file size" in acrobat and it actually doubled it...

I went onto my old computer and old vectorworks and my preferences seem to be the same...



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