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Tips for converting Vectorworks file to later version

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We're going to break our rule on converting files and convert a project we're working on from v2009 to v2012 (or v2011). Reason being there's a problem with v2009 that slows down files significantly when you add dimensions so we're planning to do this before we need to add dimensions to the project.

Any tips on making the conversion as smooth as possible?

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A bit off topic, but can you put your graphics card in your sig (and everyone else pretty please). We're finally looking at the upgrade to 2011 (not 2012!) but realise we need to upgrade our hardware first. I've been reading the knowledgebase on graphics cards and it seems that with 2009 and above (we're on 2008) you need beefy graphics. We've just re-evaluated with SP4 to see if the application performance is any better than last September, but our hardware just can't handle it....files that are slick on 2008 are still grindingly sloooow.

Back on topic - please post your experience in jumping 3 versions of software with old files!

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My few Conversion between Versions experience:

Conversion from VW 2008 to 2010 caused trouble, when the migrated File had "complex" 3D Geometry.

I had a few issues, where this geometry got lost.

Migrating from 2008 to 2009 to 2010 --> avoided that.

I had recently migrated Files from 2009 to 2011, and ran into a Problem with hybrid

Symbols. It seemd to be the Case that there was inside the 3D Component some invisible "Ghost" representation from the 2D Part. (discovered via crtl - A)

I guess some Layerplane---Screenplane ged?ns.

(Dear Moderators: "ged?ns" can't be translated in a single Word but is nothing rude).

Ungrouping all Groups inside the 3D Part makes the ged?ns disappear.

Migrating the Symbol Files from 2009 to 2010 to 2011 avoided that Problem.

regards Horst M.

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please post your experience in jumping 3 versions of software with old files!

Not going too well. Downloaded trial version of v2012 as we can't wait any longer, but v2012 won't open the the project file we need to get on with and dimension up. Even if we open and save it in v2011 first.

It's stuck on "updating plugins". I'm going to leave it overnight to see how it goes.

This is a problem because I've noticed v2011 is a problem when it comes to dimensioning too. We keep running into a problem where it says the constraints don't work, do you want to delete them. This appears to lead onto a problem with walls and other objects being skewed out of position (without the user knowing).

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