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Beginner Wainscoting Tip!


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Select panel style (V match T&G) profile as an example.

If need be go to http://www.forestermoulding.com/application/home/asp/ProfileSearch.asp?intType=17&width=3&numReturns=10&SearchType=S

to download 2d Profile

You will need to create an account, no cost involved.

You can also save your moulding choices to your My Mouldings.

Save moulding in VW blank new document

Give document a name (Wainscoting) as example

Edit profile for alignment along 4 corner axis.

Copy symbol, exit symbol

Paste on plan, not on wall

Extrude to desired height

In plan view:

Find center of wall and place center of extruded profile on this center reference. Draw a line inf needed.

I center the profile along the wall as this is how it would be done in the real world. You may run into an instance where you use the edge of the profile for center for better end piece sizes.

Use Move along points or Duplicate Array to fill length of wall with the extruded profile

Use side view to align extruded profile to desired position.

Render, give color / texture to your wainscoting and enjoy the view.


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For simple panel style wainscoting you can use the handrail tool. Set the verticals' size and spacing to that of your vertical rails, set cap dimensions to that of your top panel trim, set horizontals' size and spacing to match the top and bottom rails, then lay the whole thing up against the wall.

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Thanks for the tip!

Another way for a simple "framed" wainscoting look.

Can also use wall cabinets set to 1" depth.

Take length of wall / number of panels = panel width

Set cabinet width to this number, the height you want,

set elevation (offset) if any.

Make sure to set all reveals to 0 (zero) or you will see the frame of the cabinet.

Any of the cabinet door styles will work as they are part of the cabinet.


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Another way to draw wainscoting, with VwA 2011: add a wall style component for the wainscot paneling, with the wall's top offset distance set for the wainscot height. The wall base and trim can be made with wall components, too, but it's limited to rectangular sections - no profile shapes. The benefit to this method is that when the wall changes in length, so does the wainscot.

I hope VWA's wall styles will have profile trims sometime soon ... another wish list item.

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My hope is that they get the attributes in the wall components to actually work correctly. Textures are the only form of fill for renderings that I have been able to get to render. The fill attribute does not work that I can see. Your suggestion for wainscoting is a good one though. The components also work well for base and wall rails - if only they would render properly. Len

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Bob and Len.

Thanks for the replies.

I use the profiles to get real look to the wainscoting vs images (jpegs).

I must admit that I have not tried to use images on a planar (vertical) surface or by using the extract surface tool yet.

Wainscoting should be an option for creating a wall with height and offset ability.

Check out post about Interior Mode under Wish List Forum.


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