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Pat Stanford

Convert Nested Symbols to Groups

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Someone on the Vectorworks mail list needed a way to convert nested symbols to groups. The attached script converts all nested symbols in placed symbols in a drawing to groups. It does not purge the drawing, but that functionality could be easily added.

Copy everything in the code block and paste it into a new blank vectorscript.

Let me know if you have problems.

Procedure UnNest_Symbols;

{Converts nested symbols to Groups}
{Converts sub-symbols in all placed symbols in a drawing to groups}
{It will convert the 2D portion of the symbol if used in Top/Plan the 3D portion otherwise.}
{All sub-symbols will also be converted.}

{August 12, 2011  Version 1}
{? 2011, Coviana, Inc - Pat Stanford pat@coviana.com}
{Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License}
{No rights reserves}
{Use at your own risk. May cause pimples or hysterical blindness}

PlacedSymbol:	Handle;

Procedure Doit(ProcessObject :Handle);

	MyDefinition:	Handle;
	NestedObject:	Handle;
	SymDefName:		String;

	SymDefName:=GetSymName(ProcessObject);  {get the name of the symbol definition}
	MyDefinition:=GetObject(SymDefName);	{use the name to get a handle to the definition}

	If GetType(MyDefinition)=16 then		{only work on symbol definitions}
			NestedObject:=FInSymDef(MyDefinition);	{Get the first object in the symbol def}
			While NestedObject <> Nil do 	{make sure you process all the objects in symbol def}
					If GetType(NestedObject)=15 then SymbolToGroup(NestedObject,1); 	{if a symbol convert to a group}
					NestedObject := NextObj(NestedObject);	{get a handle to the next object in the symbol}



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