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Section / Elevations Viewport Style

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Is there any way to set the label style and section viewport style as a document preference / standard as there is for normal drawing labels? I often put a lot of elevations onto my drawings to show postions and sizes for graphics on exhibition stands - a typical plan viewport might have 20 elevation markers with associated elevation viewports.

I find at the moment that I have to change every section marker to an elevation marker (in annotations in Plan VP). Is there any way to create elevations rather than sections without having to go back and change them individually in the OIP?

Also Id like to be able to set the style of the label that appears in the elevation viewport so that it is consistent with my other drawing labels. Currently I have to do this in each elevation viewport which takes a while - can I set the default style of an elevation viewport drawing label so that whenever I add an elevation on my plan VP the elevation VP has a label style of my choosing?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Thanks mar - just had a go and I think this will work. Have done it by creating a section VP with the label in the annotations layer set to the style that I want. I then duplicated the section VP on the sheet layer and with all of the new section VPs selected changed the section line instances in the OIP (which gave me sequential makers on my plan VP). I can then go in and edit the positions of all the makers so that they are in the positions I want.

Just what I was after - thanks.

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I'm glad that works for you, but there is another way to do it (without having to duplicate VPs etc)...

You should be able to edit the default settings of the plug-in to use what ever you wish to use whenever you place the section/elevation marker in your drawing plans.

I like to backup my plug-ins when I make changes to them so that I always have the original settings. (This is my preference, but I recommend it)

With VW off, in your VW applications folder, locate the 'Plug-ins' folder and copy the 'Section-Elevation Marker.vso' file into the same location of your VW user folder (or Workgroup folder if you are working on a network).

Open (a new document in) VW and go to...

Tools > Scripts > Vectorscripts Plug-in Editor

And locate the 'Section-Elevation Marker' plug-in. Select it and click on 'Parameters'. Here you should be able to adjust virtually any of the default settings (including marker style of your choice). Confirm by clicking 'OK' twice. You MAY need to restart VW for the changes to take effect on new drawings (or drawings where the marker tool has not been used). I am unsure (for this plug-in) if drawings that have previously used it with the 'old' defaults, would produce the new (custom) defaults.

This method can be used on many other plug-ins, and is actually a real time saver if used correctly, and only the initial setup to (maybe) scratch your head about!

Hope this helps...

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Farookey - if I can get this to work it will be amazing!!

Dont have time to try this out at the moment but it sounds brilliant. Will give it a go and report back.

Thanks for the suggestion, Im looking forward to seeing what other plugin parameters I can tweak.


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