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I'm rendering a set make of of backlit translucent panels. Currently I'm using spot light objects, about 4' behind the set, pointing straight forward. Works OK but I'd like the edges to blend better (trying to imitate LED washes). I've tried many combination of beam and spread angle, distance and angle fall, and this is the best I can come up with.

Any suggestions?

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I've found the Area Light to be quite handy for what I believe you are trying to achieve. I recently did a whole heap of led panel work with low res screens. Just make a polygon of any type, presumably in your case a rectangle, and choose Modify>Convert>Convert to Area Light.

You'll get some options about direction and output. Have a play. I'll find some image if I can.

Hope that helps.



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I find that the IES files provide a much more accurate visual interpretation of the output of fixtures, at least for example the Selecon Aurora IES file is what I use for renders as the edge mimics what I see on my Aurora groundrow system in-theatre. And the Aurora Spotlight fixture has exactly the problems you talk about in rendering.



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