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Overhead Extrusions dashed


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Does anyone know how to make overhead extrusions dashed in floor plans? This is important so that my over head object are solid lines in the floor plans, but can still be shown as dashed lines.

Also, is there any way to make an extrusion show as a dashed line in plan view?

Any and all help is appreciated.

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For anything but something very simple, to draw the 2d shape that Peter describes you can select your extrude (or extrude along path, or solid, etc.), go to Top/Plan view, then convert it to a line drawing (Modify > Convert > Convert to Lines > Hidden Line Rendering). The resulting line drawing will be a group that you can enter to set the dashed lines as desired. This can then be incorporated into the hybrid symbol. (Either just before making the symbol, or when editing the symbol later, it may be best to un-group the lines).

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