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text bunching when printing

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I would check out the corrupt font problem, but I find it highly suspect that the same problem occurs on an unrelated machine running xp (mine is 2000) using a desk top printer.

It sounds like somthing in the 2000/xp program isn't liking VW 9 through 10.

I have attempted to call microsoft for help, and could never get a human to talk to.

It seems there are alot of folks having this same problem.Perhaps Nemetschek could run it down more efficiently.

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We've tracked the one thing down where one clicks outside of VW while that print progress bar is going across the screen.

THat's one known thing to cause bunched printing and other things.

In VW 9 prior to VW 9.50 i think, certain font types caued the problem in worksheets. This is an OS issue. To rectify the issue, VW substitutes a system font in it's place for the worksheets. THis is still presnet in VW 10.1 - happens on both mac and pc.

Adobe Type fonts cause this problem.

Finally corrutped fonts cause the problem.

If you pull a font out of the fonts folder, when a VW file is opened and has one of these fonts - VW will map a different font to that text block.

It will not CHANGE the font definition of the text block.

When the font is placed back in the fonts folder- go to VW, remove the mappings from Font Mappings in VW Prefs - and the file will open with the original font.

You can also look in the fonts folder for a font with a size of 0 or something close to that. Most fonts are at least 10k in size. Something that isn't at least that is suspect.

Most printers download "special" non system fonts from your fonts folder to print the text using those fonts. If the font itself is corrupted, the printer cannot interpret the font correctly thus resulting in wacko printed text.

VW is very particualar about fonts. VW 10 is a little more particular than VW 9 basically because of all the known font issues with OS 10, and the way VW handles text items.

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Originally posted by Katie:

We've tracked the one thing down where one clicks outside of VW while that print progress bar is going across the screen.

THat's one known thing to cause bunched printing and other things.

Interesting, I've had the same problem with a twist. Since I don't have a plotter, I print pdf's and send those by email to be plotted. Occassionally I get the bunched text in the pdf. I just always reprint the file and it has never happened twice in succession.

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Windows XP, VW9.5.2, HP750 plotter. Adobe Acrobat 5.0

I'm having the scrunched text problem.

It seems to occur randomly.

It happens both when I plot to the HP750 & create a PDF, so it can't be a plot driver issue.

I'm dubious about the 'corrupt font' idea. The fact that it happens on the odd (but very annoying) occasions & the fact that lots of different people using different fonts have the same problem & the fact that I use the same font in many other applications with NO problems at all seems to negate that solution.

I created my font using Adobe Type manager.

Is anybody using the same program?

EricL said:

"It sounds like something in the 2000/xp program isn't liking VW 9 through 10."

Are you sure it isn't VW program not liking 2000/XP?

Katie Admin said:

"The other - when the file is rendering - the blue bar going across the screen in VW- if you click on anything other than something in the VW application window - while that blue bar is there, scrunched text will result."

This is major vectorworks bug. No other application I use has this problem. I should be able to use my computer while VW is compiling the plot. When is this going to be fixed?

"The fact that you can ungroup and get it to print leads me to believe there is a corrupted font."

On what evidence? how does grouping/ungrouping (a VW command) uncorrupt a font (an OS item)?

Do VW commands have hidden uses for curing OS problems? If so, do please let us know.

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I experience exactly the same thing as the rest of you: totally random, and a second print of exactly the same file without changing ANYTHING will print fine. I've wasted reams of paper, several ink cartridges and a whole lot of time on this.

Windows 2000 pro, VW10.1.0 HP DesignJet 220

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Simtav -

That is something we know about. That is why I've been telling folks to wait for the blue bar to complete before clicking on anything on the computer. If there is something in the clipboard, and you click on anything on the computer outside of VW while the blue bar is going - you'll get scrunched text.

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