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Android versus iphone

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I'm hoping HP's WebOS gains more OS market share. It's a good OS. If we can have three or more quality vendors it should make for a lot of innovation.

With a 28% handset market share, Apple is the biggest smartphone maker and odds are it will probably stay that way. All the more interesting when you consider they do this with just one smartphone a year at the moment.

But the elephant in the room is the iPad. Pretty much no one is able to compete with it at the moment. One factor probably being that they can't rely on mobile phone networks to subsidise their offerings and dupe people into thinking they're cheap, like they have in the smartphone sector.

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With a 28% handset market share, Apple is the biggest smartphone maker and odds are it will probably stay that way

Smartphone market only; forget ipads - iphone is getting clobbered by android ? forget the individual phone types ? just look at the phone OS

I have had a HTC Desire for 12 months and my new Samsung Galaxy S2 for about a week

It will be interesting to see what iphone 5 delivers

Right now though iphone is getting smashed as it should

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I've always enjoyed these discussions in the media and elsewhere, ever since the iPhone was introduced (and took the world by storm) a new term/concept suddenly appeared 'iPhone killer'.

I genuinely would like to see a smart phone (not coming from Apple) that actually surpasses the iPhone in innovation, user friendliness etc., however as long as this concept 'iPhone killer' keeps appearing it means someone is trying to play catch up or trying to measure up to the iPhone.

The day a smart phone appears that really is 'better' there will be no need to make any comparisons to the iPhone...........

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You're absolutely right, and it is because the companies that are playing catch up regard design as just another department, ranking down in the company hierarchy with stores and stationery.

Only when a company is primarily driven by design and designers can it deliver innovation and real invention, whether it's phones, computers, software or even marketing.

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