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So what's the deal.....?

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I just updated VWA/RW to 9.5.1 but I still have the 9.5.0 folder intact. Does this old folder serve a function or what? Can I delete it? The Read Me file states nothing of the matter. I assume the installer left it alone and duplicated and updated the entire app for some reason so I left it alone. I would like to eliminate this folder from the face of the earth if it serves no purpose to the updated app so please advise me otherwise. confused.gif" border="0

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Hello unenlightened one. The Read Me file generally describes the installation and update process. It does say, as it has with other updates that the program will create an exact duplicate of your 9.5 folder.

The purpose behind this is simple. Should something not be right in 9.5.1, you haven't lost your earlier version to go back to and continue using. Play with it for awhile before you begin serious production work and trash 9.5.0. The acid test for me is opening an older file that had no history of problems, and PLOTTING and printing it. If that works, then chances are so will everything else.

I've only begun using 9.5.1 and have not seen problems, other than having it remember certain preference settings (default line weight and arrow head for example.)

Based on the list of updates, I only have seen a slight speed improvement, but many of the other improvement and bug fixes didn't affect our use.

Hope this puts you at ease.

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