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Is it me, or...(STRIPLIGHTS)


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Haven't found anything relating to this with searches on the forum for "striplight" - It seems to me that in Spotlight 2011 it is impossible to place striplight fixtures (stock from the various entertainment resource folders) and then move them on the drawing without having them apparently randomly shoot off into strange places on the drawing. I have some designs which call for up to 8 positions of striplights, and when that becomes so severe for me that I am reduced to drafting in older applications to get the work done.

Never had this issue with AutoplotVW.

Is there something I am doing incorrectly? Does no one else have this problem?

Thanks for your input,



Spotlight 2011

couple of Snow Leopard OS X laptops, 4 GB Ram, 320 GB onboard storage

Outboard 24" Monitor (HDMI through the DVI>HDMI converter)

nothing else of interest to this board

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Yes, definitely a known issue related to how the cells find each other and adjust accordingly. The trick is to only select one cell per fixture at a time when moving them.

My workaround is to insert them as plain symbols and not convert to Spotlight objects until I'm happy with their position. Others use individual cells and don't use them as multicircuit fixtures.


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Mike: i fiddled with the Colortran 3-cell and you're right. The 3D rotation is funky. In my rough examination, there are two problems: 1) the 3D locus in **each** of the three cyc parts needs to be zeroed on both the X and Y axes, and 2) the 3D component of the "Far Cyc 3 Cell" has an additional 3D locus. Once i removed this fourth 3D locus, and centered the other three, the Far Cyc 3 Cell behaved more correctly. until i change the 3D Y rotation. when i set that to 90 degrees, all three 3D components "sat on their elbows".

I'm still trying to figure this 3D stuff out, but i know these two changes will help. i know i spent weeks trying to suss out the selador striplights in the ETC Combo Pack.

Good luck,


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