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3D PowerPack :Thanks

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I cannot believe that you allow VW 9.5.1 users to download it for free.

Thanks, now I can do everything. You guys at NNA

are great. smile.gif" border="0

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I agree,I was going through one of my "drawing on the computer sucks" phases, but after playing with the 3d-powerpack for 15 min I'm very excited again.

Now I'm just waiting for a radiance engine wink.gif" border="0

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We should be putting up a 3D Power Pack section on this message board so you can share your creative techniques with each other.

I've drawn a few wacky things with it just trying to figure what each tool and command does. It's a pretty cool function in the program. (I'm saying this off the record from being an employee of the company)

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Yes, thanks for an incredible upgrade. The acid test for me will be sending a file down to our model shop to get an SLA, FDM, or get a form cut on the multi axis mill.

I had been telling my co-workers that something was coming and to get it as part of a general upgrade gratis is incredible. Thanks NNA! I hope these tools will allow us to keep VW as our standard package (we have been looking at Xenon from Ashlar as our standard) as we arre moving to more and more fully 3D work and this has been our big limitation with VW. Great job. grin.gif" border="0

Karl MeadSteelcase NA

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very interesting I hav'nt tried all the tools and comands yet but so far very exciting stuff with a great price


Mike smile.gif" border="0

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